Annie Turbin

“My goal is to create exquisite pieces. Color strongly influences the way we all feel so when my customers feel beautiful, I’m deeply rewarded. Wear beautiful art and watch the smiles bloom.” —Annie Turbin

With a background in singing and songwriting, Annie Turbin’s first hand dyed and silkscreened textiles appeared in 1995. Later when she was living in California, she became obsessed with dyeing fabric – the printing process of silk screening. 

Annie discovered the need to stand out from the crowd while being on stage as an internationally touring singer and musician, so she found a great book about textile art at the Beverly Hills library, and started making her own dresses. Her desire to merge function and fashion lead her to start making her own creations that were both sophisticated and elegant, as well as wearable.  And in 2003 Annie Turbin Designs was established. 

Now, Annie’s passion for fabrics that are luxurious and durable, while being fabulous and accessible is a never ending quest. Annie will tell you that as much as she loves dressing up, she loves being able to wear one of her hand-painted scarves, and feel dressed up, even though she’s not.   It’s about being completely presentable without the stuffiness of formal dressing. A symbol of Americana now copied by the rest of the world. 

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