Joan Hornig

Joan Hornig began her career as a professional fundraiser for Harvard University and Columbia Business School before spending 19 years on Wall Street. In 2003, Joan again changed course combining her love of jewelry and design, business skills and experience with non-profit organizations and created a philanthropically-driven company, Joan Hornig Jewelry - Philanthropy Is Beautiful®. 

Joan Hornig makes jewelry that gives back -  her namesake line has donated more than $1 million to charitable foundations across the globe. And her designs are worn by the likes of Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Michelle Obama (to name a few).

Pavé the Way, Joan’s newest endeavor is a jewelry collection dedicated to giving back and sharing empowering messages.  This is more than evident with Pavé the Way’s statement pieces that include a microphone, ruler, barbell, and scale — all meant to spark conversation. Delicate in structure, but with an edge, these collectible pieces are all meant to tell a story. 

Best in Joan’s own words: “Wearing a piece of Pavé the Way’s collection is a very interesting way to tell a story about yourself,” said Joan. “Inevitably someone will comment on it, and the whole point of this jewelry is to get people to talk about what they care about. You can add to the story, remove from the story, or your story can change. Each of the charms are “familiar but powerful. “The collection also represents “empowering non-profits.” You’re telling the non-profit of your choice’s story,” explained Joan. 

Every purchase of a Pavé the Way piece supports both the National Women’s History Museum and the charity of your choice. Joan donates all her profits, so each piece comes with a donation card allowing you to share your charity choice with Joan's team. 

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