Elizabeth Cady Stanton Medium Notebook

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Medium Notebook

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) • suffragist, abolitionist, author, lecturer • fought for wage equality, divorce and property rights for all women • co-organized the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, launching the first women’s rights movement in the US, • wrote The Declaration of Sentiments, expanding the Declaration of Independence adding “all men and women are created equal” and advocating for women’s suffrage. • co-created the National Woman Suffrage Association, active president 1869-1890

On the backside of the notebook it reads - In 1920, the US Constitution’s 19th Amendment was ratified—declaring no citizen could be denied the right to vote based on their sex. For more than 100 years, women’s suffrage supporters fought for this right. However, the racially divided movement did not address the intersecting inequalities of race, class, and ethnicity. As we acknowledge the movement’s flaws, we also celebrate everyone who worked to give women the chance to transform this country with their votes.

This medium size notebook has sewn stitched red binding, contains 64 blank pages made from 100% recycled paper and measures 4.25” x 6”.